Our Story

Our Founding Principle

In his book “The Inner Game of Tennis” the author Tim Gallwey wrote that: “Your performance is equal to what you are capable of when you remove obstacles”. He went on to put forward the formula: PE = PO – I or, Performance is equal to Potential minus Interference:

  • Performance = What’s happening now?
  • Potential = What are we capable of?
  • Interference = What barriers, blockades and obstacles are there?

The principle on which we were founded was to spend our time helping clients eliminate the interference that we like call, their “stuff”.

Our Mission

Action and Theory is committed to taking a partnership approach with our clients, by developing personalised and flexible interventions to support, equip and inspire leaders to improve their performance in practical and actionable ways.

What we offer to our clients is not just a product or a service; we offer them a partnership.

Our Values

Our core values are at the heart of our organisational culture, brand identity and operational strategy.   They define the characteristic traits of each and every member of our leadership team along with our other associates.  These core values act as a guide for us in our decision making and by defining our interaction with clients and non-clients alike.

Who we are is based on the following core values:

  • Integrity – We are responsible, doing what we say we will do in our dealings with each other and clients, and are committed to building trust and mutual respect.
  • Knowledge – We are committed to continuous learning through our CPD and reflective practices.
  • Truth – When dealing with clients we will speak our truth as we experience it and accept the concequences.
  • Dignity – Treat every person as having worth, regardless of status or company affiliation.
  • Respect – Understand that everyone has a different map of the world to each other and that we will not impose our map.

Our History

Founded in 2011, Action and Theory have been delivering bespoke and impartial leadership coaching interventions to improve personal effectiveness, developing leadership and in the creation & execution of strategy.  These executive and business leaders are typically Country Head’s, International or Global Head’s and range from the C-Suite, Public Sector leaders and medium to large OMB’s across a range of sectors including:

  • IT & Telecoms
  • Finance and Banking,
  • Engineering,
  • Corporate Services

Our 5D’s Partnership Approach

In all our dealings with clients, we seek to take a partnership approach, whether in one of our Ready To Go Program’s or in a bespoke service.  It is in the bespoke service that we employ our 5D’s Partnership Approach.  

We seek to take every project through the five stages of:

  • Define
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deliver
  • Debrief

This partnership approach is employed in one-to-one coaching, team coaching and bespoke workshops, touching lives and influencing organisations.

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