Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

One to One Leadership Coaching

Delivering one to one leadership coaching, we build leadership capacity through emotional intelligence and the development of a high performance mind-set, supported with a suite of proven tools based around the 4 interlinking dimensions of leadership.

  1. Self
  2. Vision
  3. People
  4. Work

Our coaches are adept at quickly building the requisite levels of trust required to enable successful outcomes for you through leadership coaching.  Working with leaders in senior management or senior executive roles, we create a safe place for you to explore and help to identify your individual challenges at a deep level; supporting the development of your strategies and their implementation through the actions identified to be successful.

Qualified Leadership Coaches

Each of our team of qualified leadership coaches has held senior and international leadership roles across a range of organisations. Bringing their experience and credibility to be your trusted partner, they will work with you to challenge you, listen and deliver the robust feedback that is sometimes needed.

The leaders we support don’t succumb easily to the “herd mentality” because they recognise the value of independent thought.  We support leaders like you to:

  • Take the time to clearly define what success looks like and set goals accordingly
  • Engage transversally with your peers to benefit both the organisational and your own professional growth
  • Recognise strengths in your teams that you might not always see
  • Empower and trust your teams to determine the best way to achieve your goals
  • Seek to understand and meet the needs of your teams
  • Have the emotional intelligence to embrace individual challenges and learning opportunities

During your bespoke leadership-coaching program, we keep you engaged throughout the journey by encouraging active experimentation and building valuable strategies and insights for continued personal and professional development.

5D’s Partnership Approach to Leadership Coaching

Employing our 5D’s Partnership Approach, we Define, Design, Develop, Deliver and Debrief to create for you a bespoke leadership coaching program, which will be:

Systematic – Following defined and agreed steps, milestones, and timeframes.
Bespoke – Adapting to the needs of both you, the individual and your organisation.
Action-oriented — Focused on your individual objectives which are aligned to delivering business impact.
Strategic – Helping reinforce business strategy and achieve organisational goals.
Aligned – Linking to other talent programs and processes that your organisation sponsors.

The coaching programs typically run from six, nine or twelve months and are flexible in the number of sessions and their frequency, often involving Stakeholder Interviews,  Psychometrics Profiling and 360 Feedback at the outset and conclusion of a coaching program.

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