Ready To Go Performance Program

Ready To Go Performance Program

Leadership Competencies

There are some leadership competencies that apply to every business in every industry – the kind of skills that make your teams more productive and more effective at whatever they do.  This is why we created our Ready To Go Performance Program.

When you need to get your leaders up to speed quickly, you can simply choose from our Ready To Go Performance Program.

We use data from global research facilities to identify and create our specialised face-to-face performance programs, all of which are ready-to-go.  Our global facilitators have a wealth of commercial experience and bring their real world knowledge each time they deliver these programs.

The Ready To Go Performance Program

The Ready To Go Performance Program, includes:

  • Personal Effectiveness for Leaders
  • Leading with influence
  • Leading For Immediate Impact
  • Communication Intelligence for Leaders
  • Coaching Conversations for Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Under Stress
  • Leading During Conflict
  • Stakeholder Management for Leaders
  • Leading Beyond Unconscious Bias
  • Leadership For First Time Leaders

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