Ready To Go Performance Program

Leader of Leaders

As a leader of leaders you sometimes don’t have the time to commit to a consultative approach, or perhaps even the budget, that’s why we designed our Ready To Go Performance Program, based on our experience and underpinned by research.

Ready To Go Performance Program

Making your teams more productive and more effective

There are some leadership competencies that apply to every business in every industry – the kind of skills that make your teams more productive and more effective at what ever they do.

Get your leaders up to speed quickly

When you need to get your leaders up to speed quickly, you can simply choose from our ready to go performance program. Combined with our experience or partnering with global organisations, we use data from global research facilities to identify and create our specialised face-to-face performance programs, all of which are ready to go! Our global teams of facilitators, in over 30 different countries have a wealth of commercial experience and bring their real world knowledge each time they deliver one of these programs.

The Ready To Go Performance Program, includes:

  • Personal Effectiveness for Leaders
  • Leading with influence
  • Leading For Immediate Impact
  • Communication Intelligence for Leaders
  • Coaching Conversations for Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Under Stress
  • Leading During Conflict
  • Stakeholder Management for Leaders
  • Leading Beyond Unconscious Bias
  • Leadership For First Time Leaders

These are all one day workshops targeting specific skills, knowledge and competencies and can be delivered at a location to suit you. Alternately, these can be delivered in sequence to form part of a modular program, linking the content between workshops and aligning them to organisational, functional and individual goals.

Main Benefits

  • Value for Money
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Regularly Updated
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subject Matter Experts


  • How long does a coaching relationship last

    Whilst every assignment is bespoke, they typically last 6 months, with some lasting 3,9 or 12 months of email and telephone support in addition to the monthly face to face sessions.

  • Is coaching personal or professional based

    Sometimes it is hard to separate the two when you are working at a high level of responsibility and leadership within an organisation. Businesses are made of people after all.

  • Isn't coaching just for struggling executives

    It can be it’s true, and in our experience about 25% of our clients are in this category.  That means that 75% of our clients are already functional experts in their field who simply want to improve by being challenged and supported.

  • Are your coaches qualified

    In short, yes.  Not only do we look for coaches who have trained to an advanced level, we require them to have at least 3 years experience in professional coaching so that you can be sure that they have embedded their skill set. Finally, we also require them to sign up to our Code of Practice.

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A warm, yet challenging approach to coaching and development…

Like spring cleaning for the mind.

…having the ability to swiftly and accurately pinpoint areas for my development.

…adept at asking challenging, often difficult questions in relation to strategy, performance and the team.

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