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Lost your Mojo?

Lost Your MojoLost your Mojo?  Looking for it won’t help you find it.


A client emailed me this morning to say that they were really struggling in their role, because they had simply lost their “Mojo”.


In writing an email response, I recalled my short-lived participation in a Gravity Sport.  For a short while I took up Street Luge.  That involves being dressed in a full leather suit with a crash helmet on and laying on your back, on an oversized long board a few centimeter’s above the ground.  After pushing yourself off to get going, you let gravity carry you very quickly down a steep hill with lots of tight bends in it, feet first!  The coach helped me as much as he could, though I was destined to find something else to challenge myself with.


In preparing for take corners, the coach said not to look at the corner itself, but to look beyond it.  He said that if you look at the corner, you steer towards it.  It you look beyond it, you will steer through the corner.  In other words, you go where you look!  And how true that was.  Every time participants looked at a corner, they would end up in the bank.  On one occasion, I too looked into a corner and found myself in the bank complete with a huge avocado coloured bruise on my coccyx.


The client reminded me of the Luge coach, because she was focusing on her lack of motivation.  If that is where her focus is, that is what she will get more of.  The support I gave her was to exercise a little self-compassion.  Then look beyond her lack of motivation and to look for little bits of pleasure in her activities at work and to simply notice the minor victories through her day.

In doing so her Mojo will soon emerge.