Reimagining what’s possible

The principle on which we were founded as a leadership consultancy, was to spend our time helping our partners to reduce the interference that we like to call, their “stuff”.

In his book “The Inner Game of Tennis”, the author Tim Gallwey wrote that “Your performance is equal to what you are capable of when you remove the obstacles” He went on to put forward the formula:

PE = PO – I
PErformance is equal to POtential minus Interference

Since 2011, we’ve been helping leaders deal with all their stuff (a.k.a. interference) to unlock potential (PE=PO-i).

How? Through immersive consultancy grounded in research yet delivered through vibrant human experiences.

Why? Because sustainable change requires addressing root constraints with care first.

The proof lives in the people uplifted

Our subject matter experts skillfully guide clients from revealed realities to renewed futures fueled by collective purpose. We walk alongside leaders confronting fears, believing through partnership boldest outcomes manifest.

Our way of working shoulder-to-shoulder

Our collaborative methodology leans on discovery before diagnosing then co-creating. We build capability and chart change without conformity, customizing rhythms to your pace and culture while accelerating adoption. Our bespoke approach ignites integrity and ingenuity progressing as one.

Where shared commitment convenes possibility

The future belongs to hearts and minds united around what is essential. Our angles may differ but shared commitment convenes possibility. We exist to help leaders maximize potential by confronting interference – unlocking their boldest future.


Through immersive discovery, we illuminate assumptions, behaviors and habits blocking progress. Courage confronts challenges while wisdom learns from them.


Through immersive discovery, we illuminate assumptions, behaviors and habits blocking progress.  Courage confronts challenges while wisdom learns from them.


By diagnosing system dynamics, we shed light on cultural patterns and processes stifling highest performance. Undoing interference reveals new paths.


Leadership lives in collective commitment beyond figureheads. We guide communities through transitions connected to purpose and people-first principles.


The future belongs to those uniting around what is essential versus assumed. We deliver bespoke guides rooted in responsive action sourced from within.

How we work

We lead collaboratively through Discover, Diagnose, Co-Create, Embed and Accelerate stages adapting to meet your realities while upholding research-backed practices for teams to access learnings actively.  Our immersive sessions leverage visuals, experiences and Milestone Mapping frameworks tailored to objectives keeping work grounded in passion bolstering meaning.

City of London Management Consultancy Process