Our Story

Our founding principle

The principle on which we were founded as a leadership consultancy, was to spend our time helping our partners to reduce the interference that we like to call, their “stuff”.

In his book “The Inner Game of Tennis”, the author Tim Gallwey wrote that “Your performance is equal to what you are capable of when you remove the obstacles”  He went on to put forward the formula:

PE = PO – I

PErformance is equal to POtential minus Interference

Our Approach

As a center for leadership development Action and Theory is committed to taking a partnership approach with our clients, by developing personalised and flexible interventions to support, equip and inspire leaders, teams and organisations to improve their performance in practical ways.

What we offer to our clients is not just a product or a service, we offer them a partnership.

Our Values


When dealing with our partners we will speak our truth as we experience it, and accept the consequences even when that is to our disadvantage.


We are responsible, doing what we say we will do in our dealings with each other and clients, and are committed to building trust and mutual respect.


We are committed to continuous learning through our CPD and reflective practices, In turn we are active in elevating our professional communities by sharing insight.

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