Emotional Intelligence Practice

Emotional intelligence efforts often falter as the critical inner foundations shaping behaviours get overlooked. Our Emotional Intelligence Practice uses scientifically validated instruments and designs bespoke models optimising conscious people-first leadership. We embed customised frameworks prioritising the intrinsic foundations essential for growth.

Uncover insights that enlighten with our Emotional Intelligence Practice

Many leaders think they manage emotions well, yet employee surveys reveal gaps between perceptions and realities. Most development focuses on attributes rather than those core beliefs driving unconscious action. So when stressed, many revert to old habits revealing culture gaps. Sustaining emotional intelligence requires addressing developmental mindsets then emphasizing culture interplay. Our subject matter experts act as guides to champion this inside-out ethos.

Our Emotional Intelligence Practice leverages a proprietary methodology wedding psychology, neuroscience and cultural literacy supporting conscious leadership performance. We create optimal conditions to challenge and change those unhelpful core beliefs.

5 step methodology


Our subject matter experts immerse themselves identifying assumptions, realities and visions establishing motivations.

  1. What worries or encourages you most when you reflect on managing emotions here?
  2. If you led boldly from the heart, what would an inspirational future feel and look like
  3. What perspectives might we challenge together to increase emotional intelligence?


Assessing collective behaviours, we reveal invisible cultural barriers to growth.

  1. What habitual behaviours erode trust and reinforce status quo perspectives on emotions?
  2. Why might those methods persist despite desire for positive change?
  3. If we connected the dots, what complex root causes might require addressing?


Using insights, we expand mindsets, developing frameworks to target inner foundations first.

  1. What most excites you about co-creating a blank canvas for an emotional intelligence shift
  2. Where have you seen bright spots of human resilience despite the cultural obstacles at play?
  3. Who might you need to listen to in order to lead with care courageously?


Via immersions and coaching our solutions elevate staff experience.

  1. What will emotionally intelligent leadership look and feel embedded in the like day-to-day experience?
  2. What reinforcement will help sustain empathy and compassion amidst uncertainty?
  3. How will we pinpoint signals of the impact of emotional intelligence together?


We drive excellence by addressing recidivism and fine-tuning supporting structures.

  1. To optimise emotional intelligence, where might supporting tools, policies or training use refinement
  2. What future transformations might emotional intelligence culturally unlock
  3. How might you infuse continuous learning, creativity and care into the organisation’s legacy?

Our methodology builds emotional intelligence delivering:

  • Enlightened professionals skillfully managing triggers
  • Concentrated cultural strengths and collective functioning
  • An uplifted relationship ecosystem