The value we bring to you

the value we bring you
to enable you to achieve your outcomes

Delivering bespoke and impartial leadership interventions to improve personal effectiveness, executive presence and in the creation & execution of strategy for individuals.

Working with corporate organisations in sectors such as Pharma’, Tech’ and Engineering, we support leaders holding National, Regional and Global roles. Our team of award winning and highly regarded coaches are all subject matter experts in their field, support each leader individual and/or with their teams to address unique, difficult and complex problems by designing bespoke packages to deliver your outcomes.

These packages include:

  • Distressed Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 1:2:1 Leadership Coaching
  • Team Design
  • Team Transformation
  • Team Coaching
Distressed Leadership

Distressed Leadership

Distressed Leadership is a taboo subject in organisations. Yet the ineffable truth is that up to 70% of all leaders and up to 50% of those who are viewed as “high potential” will experience distress in their role will derail at some point in their career.

Most organisations will recruit using some form of assessment, whether that is: for attitude over aptitude, strengths over weaknesses, or using one of the multitude of alternate approaches. Emotionally intelligent leaders can also experience their levels of EI decrease due to an imperfect storm of change, many unknown to the organisation.

Leaders often unconsciously employ adaptive behaviours to mask what is going on for them. When viewed through the frame of the General Adaptation Syndrome, it is at the point of exhaustion where the distress manifests itself.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in leadership is the set of emotional and social skills that as leaders, influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. In other words, they directly impact the way we show up as leaders in our organisations, and communities in addition to with our friends and families.

Research has shown that measuring and developing emotional intelligence in leadership is a proven approach to developing leadership capacity. At Action and Theory we utilise a scientifically validated instrument to quantify your emotional intelligence.
Be a better leader with Emotional Intelligence
1:2:1 Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

As a senior executive, our research has shown that the number one challenge for your role is managing, mobilising, and leading change. Within that you’ll also face other challenges too, such as:

  • Vision – Setting a vision and building towards a future together
  • Balance – Balancing your trade offs between the short term and longer term
  • Alignment- Aligning your organisation for implementing your strategy

Delivering one to one leadership development coaching, we build leadership capacity through emotional intelligence and the development of a high performance mindset, supported with a suite of proven tools.

Team Design

Designing a team using Experience Design principles, results in new solutions and tools that directly contribute to employee satisfaction, productivity, and enjoyment.
Focused on the team members Team Design provides a fast-paced, hands-on, and fun activity to create a team centered upon the team members themselves

Outcomes include:

  • Establish and accelerate relationships
  • Create mutual understanding and trust
  • Learn about your differences and how to leverage them
  • Develop norms for communication, decision-making and mutually respectful behaviour
  • Develop clarity about roles, responsibilities, and priorities
Team Design
Team Transformation

Team Transformation

Built on a high energy and interactive Design Thinking process, Team Transformation brings team members together to learn more about each other, explore ways to become more effective as a team, and have fun.

This process energises team members and delivers greater levels of trust and cohesiveness. The process also helps team members understand and better leverage strengths and identify ways to address areas for improvement.

Outcomes include:

  • Surface, unpack and resolve issues
  • Become energised and revitalised
  • Explore ways to work more effectively together
  • Enhance mutual understanding and trust
  • Develop and strengthen relationships

Team Coaching

Team Coaching enhances performance by leveraging on the skills within the team and improving upon team weaknesses. Utilising an outcome focused process designed specifically to strengthen team cohesion, strengthen relationships, and ultimately, deliver increased performance.

Using our outcome focused process, Team Coaching can enable you and your team to:

  • Operate at the highest level
  • Enhance creativity and the capacity to problem solve
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Enhance commitment to a common purpose/mission
  • Learn to work together as a cohesive team
Team Coaching

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